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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  June 14, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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authorities search the bay area home of a superior court judge after he was arrested today at the county courthouse. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm ken wayne, frank somerville is off tonight. in alameda county superior court judge is facing charges of elder financial abuse after he was arrested in his chambers at the county courthouse in oakland. amber lee is live outside of berkeley and tell us she's accused of ripping off an elderly neighbor after gaining control of her finances, amber. >> reporter: ken, we're in
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front of judge's home here in santa barbara road, we've obtained these court papers against the judge accusing him of theft and embezzlement from an elderly neighbor who's now deceased. but friends and neighbor paint a different picture about the judge. we saw teams of investigators remove boxes of evidence including computer equipment and files from judge paul seamen's home. >> reporter: can you tell me what department you're with? >> reporter: his friends are quick to defend him. >> i find that almost impossible to believe. i can't believe that it would be true under any circumstances. >> reporter: court documents
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show seamen obtained power of tern for this couple. the husband died at the same year. at the time seamen was an attorney specializing on youth law. seamen had obtained -- but neighbors say seamen is an honest man that always helped the widow. >> he was always doing things for her. taking care of her, took her to the doctor, to the groceries and stuff like like that. >> it's almost definitely untrue. and i think it'll be exonerated. >> reporter: judge seamen's bail is set at $275,000. no word yet on when he's due in court. live in berkeley, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news.
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more details now on judge paul seamen in 2009, he was appointed to the superior court by then governor arnold schwarzenegger. in 1979 seeman graduated from school of law at uc berkeley and for years he worked in the alameda county juvenile court. now to our continuing coverage of the three alarm fire that caused the transportation melt down in the bay area. the fire was in an unoccupied building on the b.a.r.t. tracks. the heat was so intention it damaged equipment and damaged transbay service. we have team coverage, ktvu's eric rasmussen was tracking the evening commute but we begin with jana katsuyama live at the scene of that fire. she learned about a delay about the investigation, jana. >> reporter: that's right if you take a look over here let me show you, they have barriers and security guards here. the problem is not the
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structure has been deemed unsound. fire investigators are going to get inside. they do however have federal arson investigators on stand by. >> reporter: the fire stunned even veteran firefighters, some said they have not seen fires that hot or flames that high reaching 150 feet into the air. the wooden frame structure stretched across an entire block. >> we had engines that were 300 feet away from the fire and they were too close, they had to back away because of the heat. >> reporter: intense heat melted street lights and damaged cars. all day b.a.r.t. crews rushed to repair trails. as well as ceramic insulators. pg & e was culled to put out a
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fire at the senior center. now a twisted mess of charred wood and twisted metal. >> to see it in this condition is pretty devastating. >> reporter: after several test runs b.a.r.t. trains were running by 3:45 this afternoon. >> they told us this was the first one to go through and it was going to be a slow ride. >> i heard the fire last night and i thought it was gunshots because i would hear cracking and stuff. >> reporter: investigators say they can't determine yet whether the fire was suspicious. >> it was reported earlier that there was possibly some people in the area when the fire started. >> reporter: the city of oakland red tagged the building so no one can go in. but the atf were called in and are on stand by. >> we have access to accelerate detection canine or forensic fire engineers. we have access to resources that may be a local fire department may not. so for now the cause of the fire is a mystery but again
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these guards and fire crews will be here through the night to preserve the scene and watch for any hot spots to make sure those don't flair up. live in oakland, jana katsuyama. more details now on the critical repair job b.a.r.t. engineered pulled off today. we took this video of the track running through west okay land, a 400 feet section was damaged. b.a.r.t. trains ride on two green rails the third in red is what powers the train. the fire damaged the insulator cap, it serves as protection for the 1,000-volts of electricity that propels the train. b.a.r.t. engineers needed to repair those insulators before the b.a.r.t. trains could resume running. b.a.r.t. trains are running at this hour, but it's been a long and frustrating day for tens of thousands of commuters. eric rasmussen was stuck in the middle of evening commute in san francisco and he's live there now, eric. >> reporter: ken, a lot of those b.a.r.t. riders ended up here on the roads today and we saw the
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impact of that as it was still a slow approach here to the bay bridge on first street as recently as 90 minutes ago. if b.a.r.t. service had not been restored when it was this afternoon i can tell you getting out of the city could have been even worse. it was the sound of relief for thousands of bay area commuters this afternoon who already wasted hours in an epic traffic jam this morning trying to get into san francisco from the east bay. >> we were all in the office thinking how are we going to get home? are we going to swim or what. >> reporter: how do you feel hearing these trains are running again? >> it's a relief. >> reporter: when the b.a.r.t. training started running it was just in time after the giant's game. >> it was horrible, especially in this heat, bumper to bumper traffic, it was a long ride. >> reporter: aboveground the escape from san francisco was no easy task. >> are you a little worried on
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what you're going to encounter this afternoon. >> i'm scared, i just want to go home. >> reporter: traffic headed back to the bay bridge remained slow even after the sun went down making a long day for some even longer. >> giant game, u.s. open, no b.a.r.t. >> that's a recipe for disaster. >> trifecta of traffic right there. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. ran additional trains from daley city tonight. traffic flowing nicely in san francisco this evening. ridership was off by more than more than 100,000 because of today's problems. we're live here in san francisco, eric rasmussen, ktvu news. >> the commute by ferry this evening went smoothly.
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several said they wanted to avoid the rush. even in the middle of day there were lines of people waiting in the transterminal. some left work early. >> still going to be a little bit of a wait, even though ai appreciate the early release, it's still a wait. >> reporter: ac transit was running additional buses this afternoon. some people told us they waited an hour to board a bus across the bay on the way to if city this morning. stay with ktvu for continuing coverage at 10:30 tonight, the chaos that thousands of commuters experienced this morning and how some people took it all in stride. plus we will tell you about a b.a.r.t. fair hike approved just today. and a reminder if you are on the go you can still watch all of ktvu's newscast live on your computer, smart phone or
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mobile device. just download a 20-ton garbage truck without a garbage at the wheel smashed into the back of an east bay home today. it happened at 8:15 this morning on christie way near joseph drive. waste management says the driver left the truck to pick up a bin. that's when the truck started rolling down the street. it hit a utility poll and pick up before it plows into a house. >> i was just in shock, almost hyper ventilating now thinking back i'm so thankful, i mean it could have been, if the front porch weren't there the truck could have came in and i wouldn't be here. >> reporter: lydia katie says she was just 5 feet away from the wall when the truck rammed into it. there's word that the fishing truck that sank last year was been located.
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a survivor told us the boat was found after several dives. one man died, seven went missing and are thought to have gone down with the ship. family members haven't decided whether to try to retrieve the bodies or leave the wreckage as a memorial. a kite surfer found himself in trouble at the bay near crissie field. a coast guard and san francisco fire boat rushed to rescue that kite surfer. the man was pushed into a boat and did not need any medical attention. an amber alert is issued in the bay area. tonight at 10:30, the safe return of three young sisters as our camera is rolling. >> we go back to our five
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like this one. ♪ or this one. ♪ or, maybe this one. ♪ but when it's this easy to use citibank mobile check deposit at home...why would he? ♪ woooo! [ male announcer ] citibank mobile check deposit. easier banking. every step of the way. an independent investigation into the oakland police department handling of an occupy protest was released today more than six weeks after the department received it. ktvu's rita williams read the scathing 100 page report that calls the department dangerous and ineffective. >> this is a real bomb shell. >> reporter: that's the assessment of an attorney who successfully sued the san francisco police department a
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decade ago. as he looked at the 120 page independent report. >> a disaster for the city of oakland. and a sering indictment of the oakland police department. >> reporter: the report that the city paid $100,000 for, calls oakland police's tactics outdated and ineffective. >> there's some very hard lessons in this report. >> reporter: after looking at police response to occupy protesters, investigators concluded the departments have deep problems. >> i wanted knowledge that this report will be difficult for staff moral. >> reporter: although investigators did not look at what police did to seriously injure, protester and iraq war veteran scott olson, the report should be investigated
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criminally. and that officers did not see olson is not believable. >> i ask us that you not judge us by the mistakes that were made but how we collect them. >> reporter: the chief says he's already started correcting 3/4 of the report's recommendations. one recommendation was to better manage the media. so today they were trying to do just that. rita williams, ktvu knew. >> here on ktvu we have posted the entire report so you can read it for yourself. just look for the hot topic section. the deadline is tomorrow at midnight for the state legislature to pass a budget. as you might expect state lawmakers are having some difficulty with the $92 million spending plan. democrats have not reached a deal with jerry brown on budget cuts but they are pushing forward nonetheless. republicans complain they didn't see the final versions of budget bills until this
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morning. california has a budget deficit of almost $16 billion. republicans and democrats are at odds into cuts to cal works. cal works includes welfare, child care, inhome support and college aid. a lot is riding on the government's proposed income and tax hikes that will be up to voters in november. stock markets rose today, unhelpful news to europe. nasdaq rose 17. investors seem relieved with a report that says major central banks are ready to help europe after elections in greece this past sunday. shares of nokia fell 15% today after the finish phone maker announced major cost cutting moves. nokia plans to lay off 10,000 workers and close facilities. the company wants to reduce costs by next year and it also wants to cut its earnings
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forecast. the man accused of killing fred bolignica is sentenced today. a jury convicted muhammad haroon ali in the murder of his girlfriend. she died at a rehab. an update now to a story we first told you about yesterday. a bicyclists has been charged after he struck and killed a pedestrian in a busy crosswalk. ktvu's david stevenson reports the san francisco district attorney came out today to explain why he's charging the cyclist with felony manslaughter. >> reporter: san francisco's district attorney announced a felony manslaughter charge against a bicyclist accused of hitting and killing a man crossing the crosswalk. >> we had an individual that had a need for speed. he basically was trying to beat
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his own record. >> reporter: investigators say 36-year-old chris bucari seen in this you tube video showed gross negligence going through stop signs before hits wi. his niece today told us quote i'm glad that justice is being made. bucari posted postings mourning the loss of his helmet after the death of wi. >> there's animosity and fear among seniors regarding bicyclists. >> reporter: the san francisco bicycle coalition released a statement, we encourage people to resist drawing conclusions. >> the tragedy that occurred here did not need to occur.
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it was predictable, it was avoidable. >> reporter: bucari may self- surrender on the warrant by early tomorrow. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. firefighters in marin county were busy battling two separate fires burning at the same time. one fire started around 3:30 this afternoon in the area of reed ranch road in tiburon. because of its location the fire did not threatening any homes. crews had the 3-acre fire contained by 4:15 this afternoon. about the same time a two alarm fire broke out in greenbrae the flames burned on grassy areas the fire scorched the hillside. crews had the fire contained within an hour. and today a lot like yesterday in terms of daytime highs, the sunshine and lack of
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fog there was fog this morning but it cleared out quickly. right now along the coast, there's no fog to speak of. the fog is going to be back very light at best tomorrow morning and then it's out of here for the weekend. here's how the computer model seeing it. a little patchy fog, very little. if you're out at the olympic club, looks like it's going to start out mostly sunny. tomorrow temperatures increeds. -- increase. tomorrow we're going to see lots of 90s making their way west of san francisco near san jose. it's going to get real hot with high fire danger. when we come back we're going to look right at that, right at your five day forecast with your weekend in view. a boater had to be rescued today off the san mateo coast. it happened at about 1:00 this afternoon near half-moon bay. the jet's engine quit and drifted into the surf. emergency crews with the coast side fire department quickly rescued the boater he was not
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hurt. the pillar point harbor resort then towed the boater back to the harbor. an executive found dead in hawaii. >> plus bay area home sales soar. evidence of a shift in the housing market. >> another day 2
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the prosecution is nearing its conclusion in the jerry sandusky sexual abuse trial. today was day four and three more alleged victims took the witness stand. reporter julie band era s tells us what was said in court. >> reporter: an alleged victim in jerry sandusky's trial sexual abuse case testifying, he screamed out for help at least once. now 18 he told the court sandusky's wife was in the house at the time. but he thought the basement was soundproof. the teen saying he ened up
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staying at the former penn state assistant coach's home more than 100 times until 2009. >> there was an opportunity, a missed opportunity in 1998, an opportunity that wasn't missed just by one person it was missed by multiple people. >> reporter: another accuser testifying sandusky called himself quote the tickle monster before embracing him in a penn state shower he was only 11 years old. the man also saying sandusky gave him a tour of the penn state football locker room and training facilities and had him try on some equipment of players. meanwhile another alleged victim saying he loved sandusky and viewed him as a father figure. the witness testifying the excoach was rubbing and touching his body during frequent sleep overs. he later became angry because sandusky never reached out to him after he moved away. >> this is not at all uncommon of adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse in terms of the relationship, being one that is
11:55 pm
very emotionally complicated. >> reporter: sandusky is charged with molestic 10 boys over a 15 year period. the 68-year-old denies the charges, his defense lawyer's claim the accusers have financial motive. >> the court is scheduled to resume on monday, prosecutors say they have not yet rested in their case against sandusky. in new york, julie band era s, fox news. police in hawaii have ordered an autopsy in the death of a san francisco man. the body of paul tsang was ordered off the big island. it was believed he was snorkeling. tsang was an executive with wells fargo he had been vacationing with his family. police announce two arrests in connection with an explosion that ripped through a building. in may of last year both suffered critical burns in an
11:56 pm
explosion on silver oaks bay in livermore. a third man died from his injuries. the three were making hash oil using highly flammable liquid butane. the two survivors face charges of murder and manufacture of a controlled substance. home sales sored last month. salesover new and existing homes jumped 26% from last year. in the bay area, 8,800 homes and condos were sold last month. the median home price also rose from may of last year. it's that you know if you want to see your babies get out here. three sisters taken by their father. the amber alert it prompted and how
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new information a day long ordeal in the north bay ended with three abducted children returned home. that after a father rammed a building with his daughters in an suv. debra villalon here today telling us why police credited the amber alert. >> reporter: the alert blanketed the area and the state for a chevy tahoe and three sisters at the wheel their father who already has a history of violence. >> these three little kids were all crying. >> reporter: witnesses were mad after seeing an enraged man trying to knock the door of this insurance office. his estranged wife and mother- in-law inside. >> he said if you want to see your baby, get out here, you
12:00 am
lied to me. he kept saying that over and over. >> reporter: he is jose albert rojo. with a restraining order to stay away from wife selina. but her divorce filing brought him here, he heaved a grocery cart at the store, then loaded up his kids and used the car as a weapon. >> i saw the front of the suv go. he's got the little kids in the car. >> reporter: before speeding off -- >> a witness heard him say i'm going to kill myself. so she will never see those children again. >> reporter: children just three, five and seven. an amber alert lit up highway signs as news media got word. not knowing where rojo was headed, detectives feared the worse. then the call that his brother had handed the girls over to their maternal grandmother at a park. police sent them home with her. >> we're just glad to have them back, they're fine, thank you.
12:01 am
>> reporter: it's been a scary six hours hasn't it. >> it has, thank you. >> reporter: and rojo turned himself in after being found at this hotel. >> a few minutes after getting the children, we got a call from a woman uninvolved who said, he's in the hotel no doubt. >> tonight he's being questioned and faces a long list of charges far more serious than the original domestic violence. debra villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. returning now to our continuing coverage of today's transportation melt down. more than 650,000 traoáflers -- travelers rely on the bay bridge. it brought the morning commute to its knees. as crews raced to put out the flames near the west oakland b.a.r.t. station, b.a.r.t.
12:02 am
engineers began assessing the damage to the tracks. all the while traffic began to clog and long lines began to form. >> this is a mess. >> reporter: for tens of thousands of bay area commuters this was a day that will likely be hard to forget. with b.a.r.t. service halted between san francisco and the east bay, people were scrambling to change their plans or find alternative ways to get across the bay. for many that meant taking the bus. >> see with mine it's pretty epic. >> how long do you think it's taking to come in. >> i'm calling in, i'm going home. done. >> reporter: for those who opted to ac transit it was a long wait. >> very frustrating. they should at least have extra, extra shuttles by now. >> i've been in line for two hours. >> reporter: as the morning stretched on. the lines just continued to grow. in some places stretching four city blocks. >> i would think they would have been able to get shuttle service out here, charter buses, something should be in
12:03 am
place for emergencies like this. >> reporter: as the morning wore on, patience began to wear thin. >> i'm sorry, i'm sorry. >> reporter: but other commuters figured there wasn't much they could do. many such as karen bershman decided it was best to take this morning's mayhem in stride. >> coming from texas where public transportation isn't that great, day-to-day, it's still worth it. it's still a good system. >> reporter: commuters also flock to the water, additional ferries were also brought in today to help transport passengers across the bay. but they weren't enough to accommodate the throngs of commuters. and for those who decided to try their luck at driving it meant spending hours in their cars. news chopper 2 captured these pictures of the traffic nigh mare trying to cross the bay bridge. and on top of everything else, a motorcycle accident on the bridge about 9:00 this morning just added to the back up. adding to today's commute chaos was a san francisco
12:04 am
giant's game this afternoon at at that time park. it was a tough ride for fans trying to get into the city. there was added interest today after last night's perfect game by matt cain. people told ktvu they took a variety of ways to get to the ballpark but no matter what route they took most said it was miserable. >> it was brutal getting across the bridge. took us 1-1/2 hours, usually takes us 30 minutes. >> traffic was awful. we parked on the street and took the ticket. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. reopened transbay service just before 4:00 this afternoon just in time for fans leaving at the end of the game. b.a.r.t. train fairs will increase. fairs will go up by one hadn't 4% that means adding -- 1.4% july 1st that means adding a
12:05 am
nickel or dime to most trips. the board voted today for the slight increase along with its operating budget. and for the month of august, b.a.r.t. will allow bicycles on board trains on friday even during rush hour. the pilot program does not change rules for monday through thursday. bicycle riders still cannot board on the first car or on full trains. the single alarm fire happened this morning. the fire was out within 20 minutes. one resident sustained sphoeubg inhalation. the woman who lived in the home was emotional as crews fought the fire. >> i'm out every day. >> you're still okay. >> police told us the cause is being investigate. the homeowner said her son was
12:06 am
playing with a candle while she was sleeping. new developments tonight a man has been arrested in connection with the fatal hit- and-run of a wheelchair bound man in richmond. 25-year-old daniel bar net is charged with felony vehicle manslaughter and felony hit-and- run. authorities say barnett hit and killed a man. he admitted his involvement in the fatal hit-and-run crash. round one of play in the u.s. open, the big names in san francisco's historic olympic club and what some fans told us today. >> and back here in 10 minutes, tracking major heat and 100- degree temperatures in the fire danger. >> a
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a raging wildfire in colorado is still spreading tonight. the high park fire has burned 75 square miles and destroyed more than 100 structures. it grew by 3,000 acres overnight and is only 25% contained. the fire has just burned 5,200 acres. in new mexico more than 1,300 firefighters continue to battle the massive little bear wildfire. it has torched nearly 38,000 acres. burn out operations and higher humidity are allowing them to make progress, lightning is believed to have sparked that fire more than a week ago. in news of the world tonight in cairo people protested a ruling by egypt's
12:10 am
supreme court. the judge's desolved the parliament which will concentrate power in the hands of the ruling military. many egyptians see this as a power handle by mumbarak. in london, britain's highest court opened the door for the extradition of julian assange. assange has always denied the allegations and said they were politically motivate. he has one more option, an appeal to the european court of human rights. in geneva switzerland, noble prize winner suji made an appearance. the military regime kept her under house arrest for most of that time because of her work as an advocate. suji won the prize 21 years ago
12:11 am
and is to deliver her acceptance speech on saturday. president obama and first lady thanks the construction workers who are building one world trade center and they signed one of the final beams to be installed at the top of the tower. the president wrote we remember, we rebuild, we come back stronger barack obama. thousands of golf fans hit the links in san francisco today to watch the world's best compete. it was the first time tiger woods and mickelson had been in the same grouping in the open since 2008. spectators were thrilled to see their favorite athletes up close. >> coming out here seeing these guys as normal people. you see them on tv, they're big super stars. you come out here and see them as normal people. somebody golfing like me and you. >> $8 million in prize money is at stake. the u.s. open is teeing up at the olympic golf course through sunday. more details now on how to get around the u.s. open.
12:12 am
if you're driving you can find free parking at the olympic club. no parking is allowed at the u.s. open only pick up and drop off. if you want to take b.a.r.t. to the event just go to the culma station. if you decide to take muni you will want to hop on the number 18. so how did the open go? we're going to get the results of the open later in sports. yosemite national park announced a large number of camp site closures today. we'll show you why the threat of ♪
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[ kari ] i used to serve my country in the u.s. army. ♪ then, i was hit by a drunk driver and lost my legs. but that didn't change a thing. because i still serve my country, i just wear a different uniform. [ male announcer ] citi is joining kari miller to give back to the paralympic military & veterans program. join the movement at and help citi help u.s. athletes make a difference. together, every step of the way. summer vacation crowds are
12:15 am
descending on yosemite national park. but tourists may be having a hard time finding a place to stay. robert handa tells us camp sites are being closed due to falling rocks. >> reporter: the danger from boulders are evident as visitors drive through the park. but a report shows falling rocks from glacier point is a much higher risk than once thought. >> whenever i come and get in that area i'm a little bit leery and i look up there and i know that there's a risk to it. >> reporter: yosemite announced 19 sites along a lodging zone will be closed. popular curry village. now they will get rid of about 20 more. >> this rock is a good example. you can see the light color of the granite. this had come down very recently. so we felt that we wanted to establish this line that anything behind the line would
12:16 am
be unsafe and pose unneeded risk to the visitors. >> reporter: several employee dorms will close as well as many spots. >> obviously there's falling rocks on a regular basis, people need to stay away. it is what it is. >> reporter: others say the park needs more safety steps. >> how would you know if that's weakened and could come down, you wouldn't. >> reporter: although yosemite officials say there is no absolute safe place, but the risk to visitors can be reduced up to 95% with more public awareness and today's closures. the first vaccine that protects children as young as six weeks against two potential dangerous bacterial infection
12:17 am
has won approval. it prevents meningitis and influenza. those infections can lead to blindness, learning delay, amputation and even death. california school children have been served millions of the pounds of ground beef containing so called pink slime. the ground beef additive is made from left over animal parts that would other wise become pet food. the usda gave california schools almost 11 million pounds of the meat filler this past school year. federal officials insist the meat is safe but critics say pink slime has no place in school cafeterias. >> it just didn't sit well. doesn't seem like a wholesome you know it doesn't feel like a wholesome ingredient. >> those states including california have now opted not to accept ground beef containing pink slime. it's an about face from
12:18 am
dishonorable discharges for homosexuals. leon panetta said he wants to recognize the sacrifices made by all service members. a live wind reading at 23 miles per hour. that's the gust, the wind are comes out of the west. temperatures over the next couple of days are really going to increase, especially on saturday. we could easily see some kind of fire warning and red flag warning. that sets up tomorrow's warmer day. warmer as we go into your friday and warmer still actually hot as you get into saturday. that's really the weather headline, the heat that we're going to see saturday and inland on sunday. overnights are in the 50s. maybe some patches but it's gone quick. there was some fog this morning but it went away quickly.
12:19 am
tomorrow it'll go away even more quickly. highs today, highs tomorrow, tomorrow's temperatures increase. tomorrow we will warm up a good five to 8 degrees and saturday we're going to warm another 5 degrees on top of that. warmer friday, warm to hot on saturday. that intensifies saturday as it goes on. up to 100 degrees and obviously a higher fire danger. this wind direction is bad for firefighters as well. it's a drier flow. the humidity is cut off. you will have humidity in the 15, 20 range. there's a fire weather watch that starts tomorrow night into saturday morning, gusts can go to 40 miles per hour. it will take nothing for this north bay hill weather to turn into a red flag warning in the hills. mark tamayo will be here. kenney wayne will be here. they'll be watching it.
12:20 am
going into the hottest weekend we've had all year. 93 in san helena, 92 in clear lake, these highs, getting up there. a lot like what we saw last week on those hot days. 94 in brentwood, 94 in livermore. that fire weather watt goes into effect tomorrow night for the hills of the north and east bay. 90 in morgan hill as you head to the coast, it's really going to be warm there too julie and kenney. mid-50s, low 70s. what's going to be fun is the olympic club this weekend because we're going to be watching this event and it's going to be beautiful in the city. your five day forecast with the weekend in view just an outstanding view. >> a big advertising for san francisco. because people across the country we see those beautiful shots. >> those aerial shots will be magnificent. new air quality standards would lower the amount of soot
12:21 am
allowed from diesel trucks and other sources. 11 states including new york and california filed suit earlier this year to force a decision. the details will be made public form. it's old and slow and expected to be very, very expensive. sotherby's auction house is set to auction one of the first apple computers. only 200 of the apple one computers was sold by steve watts. they'll start the
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bowling for a good cause in pacifica. celebrities like mc hammer and greg suhr knocked down pins to raise money for the ymca. even our joe fonzi looking good
12:25 am
in that bowling shirt looking good. the nba finals was shaping up to be good ones. >> it could go six or seven. a lot better ways to make money than predicting basketball games. couldn't go the full distance, seven or six at a minimum. both teams have it in fast forward. but after tonight it's the thunder's turn to feel a little bit of heat. miami started with a roar. as you figured the thunder would make a game of it, westbrook will softly return the durant miss up top. and the thunder within three with 147 left, however lebron did he call it to the bank? he got it 32 points the heat go up five. derek fisher will come through with a nice feel right here to get it going quickly the other
12:26 am
way. durant like lebron at 32 points. the three, but that is as close as they get. back to miami it goes now with three games in a row starting sunday. we have a weekend coming up for grads, dads and a whole lot of golf. will be shaping up for must see tv. olympic club does bring the goods too. as you will see a couple of great shots, local golfer michael allen, an olympic club member since he was 18. now 53 as the oldest golfer participating eagle at 14. he is plus one-71. and the rarest of shots right here. the albatrof second shot on the par-5 17 for nick watney right there. after this shot he is a 51. how do they do that?
12:27 am
golf fans happy to know tiger has packed his a game for the season. nice 25-foot birdie put. number five he gets that thing going over the weekend. look out but your leader michael thompson up three on the rest of the field, a little birdie at 12. four under 56 for him. plenty of golf left to go. perfection can only be temporary. it was back to reality for the giants this afternoon. didn't get to bask in the glow long did they. astros weren't putting up with any chacanery this afternoon. grand slam no doubt about her. they never recover, giants on the short end 6-3. the colorado cure still in effect for the oakland a's as they sweep the series up there in colorado this afternoon. as a matter of fact first time they've swept the series on the road since 2010. and i'm going to get hammered for not showing their
12:28 am
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